The name Komi may refer to:

  • Komi Republic, a republic in Russia
    • Komi peoples
    • Komi language, languages of the Komi peoples (Komi-Zyrian language and Komi-Permyak language)
  • Komi, a short name for komidashi, a rule used in the board game Go
  • Komi (restaurant) in Washington, D.C.
  • Komi, a synonym of Kenkey, a West African dish

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Stephen Of Perm
... was a fourteenth century painter and missionary credited with the conversion of the Komi Permyaks to Christianity and the establishment of the Bishopric of Perm' ... According to a church tradition, his mother was a Komi woman ... and it was then that he engaged in the conversion of the Zyriane (Komi peoples) ...
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Komi, Tinos
... Komi (Greek Κώμη) is a small village on the island of Tinos, a Cycladic island in Greece ...
Lake Komi
... Lake Komi was a prehistoric periglacial lake formed in the region of the present-day Russian Komi Republic when the Barents Sea outlet of the Pechora River was blocked by ice during the ...
List Of Ethnic Groups In Russia - K
... Kitaijtsy 33,697 Kozhla mariij 74 Koijbaly 2 Kolymskie 15 Kolymchane 46 Komis 273,558 Komi voijtyr 32 Komi ijoz 146 Komi mort 280 Komi otir 12 Komi-zyryane 4,976 Komi-izhemtsy ...