Kola can refer to:

  • Kola nut, a genus of about 125 species of trees
    • Inca Kola, a cola soft drink made in Peru
    • Kola Real, a Peruvian soft drink
    • Kola Inglesa (literally "English Cola"), a Peruvian soft drink
    • Kola Román, beverage bottled and manufactured by Panamco FEMSA Colombia
    • Red Kola, Scottish carbonated soft drink made by Barr's
    • Scho-Ka-Kola, a German chocolate brand
  • Kola Peninsula, a peninsula in the far north of Russia
    • Kola (town), a town in Murmansk Oblast, Russia on the Kola Peninsula
    • Kola River, a river in Murmansk Oblast, Russia on the Kola Peninsula
    • Lake Kola, a lake in Murmansk Oblast, Russia on the Kola Peninsula
    • Kola Bay, also known as Kola Inlet, a fjord in Murmansk Oblast, Russia on the Kola Peninsula
    • Kola Norwegians, Norwegian settlers along the coastline
    • Kola Nuclear Power Plant, a plant in Polyarnye Zori, Russia on the Kola Peninsula
    • Kola Superdeep Borehole (KSDB), a Russian-funded project to drill into the Earth's crust on the Kola Peninsula
  • Kola class frigate, the NATO reporting name for a group of frigates built for the Soviet Navy in the 1950s
  • Kola, Guinea
  • Kola, Mali
  • Kola Island, one of the Aru Islands of Indonesia
    • Kola language, a language spoken on the Kola Island
  • Bhuta Kola, an ancient form of worship prevalent among the Tulu-speaking community in Udupi, Dakshina Kannada districts in Karnataka and Kasargod district in Kerala
  • Kola (historical region), part of the Georgian Tao-Klarjeti principalities, the contemporary Turkish district Göle.
  • Kola Tembien, one of the 36 administrative sub-divisions in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia
  • KOLA, a commercial classic hits music radio station in San Bernardino, California
  • Kola (song), a song by rock band The Rasmus

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