Some articles on knives:

Sebenza - Awards
... Knives Illustrated Magazine named the industry's top five tactical folders of all time The author, Abe Elias, describes a tactical folder as "a knife used by people who need a dependable piece of ... top of the list is the Sebenza by Chris Reeve." Knives Illustrated Magazine's conclusion provides an interesting contrast to the fact that Chris Reeve Knives has never advertised the ...
List Of Scott Pilgrim Characters - Main Characters - Knives Chau
... Knives Chau (Age 17) Chinese-Canadian high school girl and self-described "Scott-aholic" ... She and Young Neil later break up, but Knives still hangs out with the group ... soon disenchanted when Envy has her drummer Lynette Guycott punch Knives hard enough to knock the highlights out of her hair ...
Sliding Knife
... Contrast this with the majority of knives, which are either standard folding knives or are "fixed blade" sheath knives (having no mechanical operation) ... OTF knives may be further subdivided into manual sliding knives, which are not restricted as inertia knives, and automatic OTF switchblade knives and gravity knives, which ... Switchblades and gravity knives provide a great variety of different OTF mechanisms ...
She's Attracted To - Track Listing
... CD "She's Attracted To" - 306 "Two Places" Young Knives Henry Dartnall Thomas Dartnall Oliver Askew Studio albums The Young Knives.. ... Men Superabundance Ornaments from the Silver Arcade Compilations The Young Knives...Are Dead...And Some Singles "The Decision" "Here Comes the Rumour Mill" " She's Attracted To " "Weekends and Bleak ...
List Of Traditional Armaments - Hilted Blades/fitted Into Handles - Knives
... Main article Knife Knives/cutting, slicing Martial use Region of association Era of association Sheath knives Tantō/blade style ? Japan era? Puukko Term/Hunting ...

Famous quotes containing the word knives:

    We do not wish to injure you.... But if you again plunge your knives into the breasts of our people, I shall send a force which will severely punish you for your cruelties.
    Andrew Jackson (1767–1845)

    Through open doors, the dining-room declares
    A larger loneliness of knives and glass
    And silence laid like carpet.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    Drinking tents were full, glasses began to clink in carriages, hampers to be unpacked, tempting provisions to be set forth, knives and forks to rattle, champagne corks to fly, eyes to brighten that were not dull before, and pickpockets to count their gains during the last heat. The attention so recently strained on one object of interest, was now divided among a hundred; and, look where you would, there was a motley assemblage of feasting, talking, begging, gambling and mummery.
    Charles Dickens (1812–1870)