A knife (plural knives) is a cutting tool with an exposed cutting edge or blade, hand-held or otherwise, with or without a handle. Knife-like tools were used at least two-and-a-half million years ago, as evidenced by the Oldowan tools. Originally made of rock, flint, and obsidian, knives have evolved in construction as technology has, with blades being made from bronze, copper, iron, steel, ceramics, and titanium. Many cultures have their unique version of the knife. Due to its role as humankind's first tool, certain cultures have attached spiritual and religious significance to the knife.

Most modern-day knives follow either a fixed-blade or a folding construction style, with blade patterns and styles as varied as their makers and countries of origin.

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Howard Behrens - Artistic Approach
... way I can really achieve what I feel in my paintings is to create them using a palette knife instead of a brush ... I love the boldness of the knife, and the control I have of color ... Using the knife, I find that I can capture not only the softness of clouds, but also the boldness of mountains, the vibrancy of flowers, and the strength of water ...
Knife - Further Reading
... Everybody's Knife Bible by Don Paul, ISBN 0-938263-23-4. ...
Case Knife
... A case knife is a name used throughout the American South to refer to a table knife, i.e ... a knife intended for use at the dining table ... The table fork was relatively new, and was often sold in combination with a knife and, sometimes, a spoon ...
Liston Knife
... The Liston knife is a type of knife used in surgical amputation ... The knife was named after Robert Liston a Scottish surgeon noted for his skill and speed in an era prior to anaesthetics, when speed made a difference in terms of pain and survival ... The knife was made out of high-quality metal and had a typical blade length of 6-8 inches ...
... A utility knife is a knife used for general or utility purposes ... The utility knife was originally a fixed blade knife with a cutting edge suitable for general work such as cutting hides and cordage, scraping hides, butchering ... Today, the term "utility knife" also includes small folding or retractable-blade knives suited for use in the modern workplace or in the construction industry ...

Famous quotes containing the word knife:

    When she, and though some said she played
    I said that she had danced heart’s truth,
    Drew a knife to strike him dead,
    I could but leave him to his fate;
    For, no matter what is said,
    They had all that had their hate....
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    Come, thick night,
    And pall thee in the dunnest smoke of hell,
    That my keen knife see not the wound it makes,
    Nor heaven peep through the blanket of the dark
    To cry, “Hold, hold!”
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    The screaming silence of no’s knife in yes’s wound.
    Samuel Beckett (1906–1989)