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Transformers: Alternators - List of Binaltech
... meets Lumina Hoshi - Toyota bB TV Interview Vehicle Scene News Reporter Kiss Players Kiss Players figures are not officially part of the Binaltech line there is no mention of Binaltech on any Kiss Players ... Nevertheless, since the Kiss Players vehicles utilize the plastic Alternators molds, they are frequently grouped together ... Dodge Ram SRT-10 Hot Rodimus x Syao Syao - Ford GT Autorooper x Atari - Mazda RX-8 Patrol Car Kiss Players Figure Collection This line varies from the Kiss Players as the vehicles are done in a ...
Primus (Transformers) - History - Generation 1
... himself "Primus", the Oracle attempted to stop the villains and their unwitting pawns, the human Kiss Players, appearing as a giant golden hand to snatch away the fragments of ... Unfortunately, this merely led the Kiss Players to pursue him through the timestream and resulted in them crashing into the "Wall of Time" and becoming scattered throughout the multiverse ... Knowing that the Kiss Players were innocent in this whole affair, having been duped by the Sparkbots, the benevolent Primus rescued them from the different regions of time ...
Marissa Faireborn - Toys
... Kiss Players Convoy x Melissa (2006) Available only as part of the headliner Kiss Players set, Marissa's first-ever toy is a soft-plastic PVC figurine with a permanent pucker ... The set also comes with a CD containing the first 5 episodes of the Kiss Players radio drama and the exclusive 10-minute audio story, "Someday, Under ... there is between the planned Asterisk version of Marissa and the final Kiss Players version is currently unknown ...
Rodimus - Transformers: Generation 1 - Toys
... Kiss Players Hot Rodimus (2006) With the Japanese Binaltech toy series having transformed into the Kiss Players line, the second figure to be released as a Kiss Players character ... The figure also includes a PVC figurine named Syao Syao and a CD featuring a Kiss Players radio drama. 2007) In April 2007, photos of a repainted Alternators Mirage, in a color scheme similar to Kiss Players Hot Rodimus, and in Alterators-style "fishbowl" packaging began to appear on the ...

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