King Richard

King Richard normally refers to the three English monarchs. It also has additional meanings:

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Lardner's Ring - Plot
... A mortally wounded one-legged messenger from King Richard flees Locksley Manor and is pursued by Allan and Gisbourne's men ... With his dying breath, the messenger tells Robin that the King needs him to recruit more men to fight in the Holy Land and utters the word "Lardner." After Marian and Robin ... they assume to be another messenger, "warn King Richard, defeat the Sheriff, and then get married." The Sheriff is furious at the messenger's escape ...
King Richard - Other
... King Richard" can also refer to King Richard font by Ray Larabie the nickname of Dick Reynolds (1915–2002), Australian rules footballer the nickname of Richard Petty (born 1937), former NASCAR stock car ...
Aimar V Of Limoges
... Aimar is most famously known for being a fulcrum of insurrection against King Richard I of England, who was also the Duke of Aquitaine in right of his mother Eleanor of Aquitaine (Richard's full ... life, often co-operating with Duke Richard's brothers, the Count of Angoulême and the house of Lusignan, though he was generally brought to heel ... It was while suppressing one of Aimar's revolts that King Richard was to meet his end ...
Cultural Depictions Of Richard III Of England - Television
... Richard has been portrayed on television by William Windom in Shakespeare's Richard III (1950), an episode of the American series Masterpiece Playhouse Paul Daneman in the BBC series An Age ... of Henry VI, Part 2, Henry VI, Part 3 and The Tragedy of Richard the Third (1983) Andrew Jarvis in the BBC series The Wars of the Roses (1989), which included all of Shakespeare's ... Richard is not depicted directly, but being "inescapably absent" is tried in absentia ...
Lady Marian
... episode of the first season, she is coerced by Guy into agreeing to marry him when King Richard returns to England ... When King Richard appears to return to England (he is, in fact, an impostor), Marian must fulfill her promise to marry Sir Guy, and he immediately ... by a frantic Much, who informs her that the King is an impostor, and that it is a ruse by the Sheriff and Guy to weed out the Sheriff's enemies ...

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    King Richard. Lions make leopards tame.
    Mowbray. Yea, but not change his spots.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)