Kadyrov is a surname that may refer to:

  • Akhmad Kadyrov (1951–2004), former president of Chechnya
  • Khalid Kadyrov (born 1994), Russian footballer
  • Ramzan Kadyrov (born 1976), head of Chechnya
  • Rashid Kadyrov, Prosecutor General in the government of Uzbekistan in 2004
  • Vladislav Kadyrov (born 1970), Azerbaijani/Russian footballer and coach
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Other articles related to "kadyrov":

Movladi Baisarov - Career
... When the Second Chechen War began, he became attached to Akhmad Kadyrov, who was mufti of Chechnya at the time ... Baisarov's former rebels turned into Kadyrov's bodyguards and Baisarov became the commander of the Chechen Presidential Security Service ... In 2004 when Akhmad Kadyrov, the president of Chechnya at the time, was assassinated in a bomb attack, his security force was disbanded ...
Gorets Mutiny
... The Guardian in June 2006 detailed a showdown between Kadyrov's and Baisarov's forces that had taken place the previous month ... was killed in central Moscow by a detachment of Kadyrov's police ...
... Kadyrovtsy (Russian Кадыровцы, Kadyrovcy, literally "Kadyrov's followers") also Kadyrovites, is a term used by the population of Chechnya, as well as members of the groups themselves, for ... in Chechnya have said the group has been involved in kidnapping, torture and murder to cement Kadyrov's rule reportedly, this is the group now most feared by Chechnya’s civilian population ... After the assassination of Akhmad Kadyrov in May 2004 two Spetsnaz battalions were formed of Kadyrovtsy men ...
Special Battalions Vostok And Zapad - Organization
... was increasingly dominated by the Chechen militia leader Ramzan Kadyrov ... or "Yamadayev men"), which was powerful enough to rival Kadyrov ... In April 2008 escalating tensions between Ramzan Kadyrov (by then the Chechen president) and the Yamadayevs—including occasional armed clashes—erupted into an open and violent conflict ...
Akhmad Kadyrov Mosque
... The Akhmad Kadyrov Mosque (Russian Мечеть Ахмата Кадырова, Mechet Akhmata Kadyrova) is located in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya ... The mosque is named after Akhmad Kadyrov who commissioned its construction from the mayor of Konya. 2008, the mosque was officially opened in a ceremony in which Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov spoke and was with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ...