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Other Characters

Actor Character Position/Relation Books
Audrey Fleurot The Lady of the Lake Messenger from the Gods 1–6
Josée Drevon Ygerne of Tintagel Arthur's mother 1–6
Loïc Varraut Venec Slave trader and "party planner" 1–6
Alain Chapuis The Inkeeper Inkeeper in the village near Kaamelott 1–6
Serge Papagalli Guethenoc Peasant, Roparzh's neighbour and rival 1–6
Gilles Graveleau Roparzh Peasant, Guethenoc's neighbour and rival 1–6
Bruno Salomone Caius Camillus Roman centurion 1–4, 6
Guillaume Briat King of the Burgundians Arthur's enemy 1–4, 6
Bruno Boëglin Sven, Chief of the Vikings Arthur's enemy 1–4, 6
Truong Lan Attila Arthur's enemy 1–4
François Rollin Loth, King of Orkney Arthur's brother-in-law, Gauvain's father 3–6
Valentin Traversi Ketchatar, King of Ireland Member of the Kings' Assembly 3, 6
Eddy Letexier Hoël, King of Armorica Member of the Kings' Assembly 3, 6
Carlo Brandt Méléagant The Response 4–6
Alban Lenoir Ferghus Lancelot's aide-de-camp 4
Luc Chambon Nathair Spy 4
Emmanuel Meirieu Appius Manilius Arthur's best friend in Rome 6
Patrick Chesnais Lucius Silius Sallustius Roman Senator 6
François Levantal Publius Servius Capito Sallustius' hand man 6
Marion Creusvaux Julia Arthur's girlfriend 6
Valeria Cavalli Aconia Minor Arthur's tutor 6

Many of them are friends or family of Alexandre Astier, and have already worked with him. Family members include his father Lionnel, his half-brother Simon, his mother Joëlle Sevilla, and Simon's mother Josée Drevon. They, and many of the actors in the series, are part of the theater scene in the south of France.

Almost all the actors have been invited by Astier to directly join the show because he had previously worked with them or was familiar with their work. The few persons coming from a casting session are Anne Girouard (Guenièvre), Caroline Ferrus (Mevanwi), Vanessa Guedj (Angharad), Caroline Pascal (Demetra) and Guillaume Briat (King of the Burgundians).

Initially, Antoine de Caunes (Dagonet), Christian Bujeau (The Master of Arms) and Bruno Salomone (Caius Camillus) were only guest stars, but eventually they joined the main cast.

Like Astier (Arthur / director and writer), some actors shared their acting duties with responsibilities in the technical crew. These are Jean-Christophe Hembert (Karadoc / art director), Emmanuel Meirieu (Appius Manilius / graphic designer), Stéphane Margot (Calogrenant / stunt coordinator) and Christian Bujeau (The Master of Arms / swordmaster).

Due to the large cast and the short format, many characters, even important ones, are present only in a limited amount of epidoses. The only characters to appear in more than 100 of the 458 episodes are King Arthur (446), Léodagan (228), Perceval (195), Karadoc (172), Lancelot (157), Guenièvre (154), Bohort (138) and Father Blaise (105).

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