Kaamelott is a French television series running originally 2005–2009. It combines medieval fantasy and comedy to present a new "realistic epic" version of the Arthurian legend.

While the series takes place in the 5th century, it uses modern language and situations to create a humorous view of the Arthurian legend, even in the fifth season (or "book") when the mood becomes darker and more dramatic as Arthur's kingdom begins to disintegrate.

The whole series is written, edited and directed by Alexandre Astier, who also stars as King Arthur and composes all the music for the show.

The series was preceded in 2003 by a short movie, Dies iræ, that the show's creator, Alexandre Astier, wrote and directed. Dies irae featured mostly the same cast as the TV series and followed the same concept. It was used to pitch the idea of the series to the M6 television network, at a time when M6 was looking to replace another successful short TV series, Caméra Café. However, Kaamelott exceeded Caméra Café's audience only three weeks after broadcasting started.

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