Jovan (Serbian: Јован, Old Church Slavonic: Їωан, Macedonian: Јован) is a Serbian and Macedonian male given name equivalent to English "John" or Slavic Ivan, from Hebrew: יהוחנן, and may refer to:

  • Jovan Vladimir, a Serbian monarch and saint, ruled Duklja ca. 990 to 1016
  • Jovan Oliver, a 14th-century Serbian noble, Great Voivode
  • Jovan Uglješa, a 14th-century Serbian despot of Serres 1365–1371
  • Jovan Uroš, a 14th-century Serbian despot of Thessaly 1370-1373
  • Jovan Branković, a Serbian titular despot and saint, died 1502
  • Jovan Nenad, a 16th-century Serbian noble that briefly broke away large territories of Kingdom of Hungary, 1526–1527 (styled himself Emperor)
  • Jovan Cvijić, Serbian geographer (1865 – 1927)
  • Jovan Karamata, Serbian mathematician (1902 – 1967)
  • Jovan Karlo Villalba, American artist (born 1977)
  • Jovan Belcher (1987 – 2012), American football linebacker

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Jovan - Other
... Jovana, Jovanka, female forms Jovan, a fragrance and cosmetics company owned by Coty, Inc ... Jōvan Musk, cologne ...
Jovan Roms
... Jovan (Johan Roms) (born 1981) is a Finnish pop singer, who began his career as a child singer ... recorded in 1988 for a local radio station, when Jovan, which back then was known by his Finnish nickname Juha, was only 8 years old ... As a child Jovan participated in various song contests ...
Battle Of Sződfalva - Background
... soon the Hungarian king demanded of Jovan Nenad that he relinquish control of the land ... Jovan Nenad and his numerically inferior forces defeated two larger Hungarian forces (the first was the force led by Laszlo Casky and the second was at the Battle of Szőlős) ... After the Szőlősian battle, Jovan proclaimed himself the tsar of Voivodina ...
Battle Of Sződfalva - The Battle
... demoralized and remained will be 8,000 men of Jovan ... However, Jovan Nenad was able to recoup his losses and reform his army after the defeat ... Jovan fled to Szeged, and came upon the house of merchant István Zákány ...
Jovan Radonjic - Interesting
... Shortly before his death, Governor Jovan Radonjic purchased a printing press in Vienna and hired an Austrian to determine where the printing house should to be built and to instruct Montenegrins in its use ... Since under the command of Jovan in the battle of the Kruse Bušatlija was defeated and killed, Jovan wrote the Viennese court how he should be compensated by the loss of ... Jovan received instead of money, lumber for the repair of the roof ...