Johnstone - Notable Inhabitants

Notable Inhabitants

  • Tommy Bryce – professional footballer
  • Hunter Davies – journalist, author and broadcaster
  • Renee Houston – music hall and comedy actress; born in Johnstone in 1902, attended St. Margaret's Primary School in Johnstone
  • Phyllis Logan – actress; attended Johnstone High School in the 1970s
  • John Pitcairn, Jr. – Scottish-American industrialist; born in Johnstone, emigrated to the United States, aged five
  • George Reid – politician, former Prime Minister of Australia
  • Gordon Ramsay – chef, born in Johnstone
  • Peter Tobin – serial killer, born in Johnstone in 1946
  • Jim Leighton – professional footballer, attended St.Cuthberts Secondary in Johnstone
  • Annie McGuire – BBC Journalist, born in Elderslie, attended St.Cuthberts Secondary in Johnstone
  • Sir George Houston Reid – 4th Prime Minister of Australia. 18 August 1904 – 5 July 1905 George Reid was Prime Minister for ten months and 17 days. He was Australia's first federal Leader of the Opposition and the federal government’s first High Commissioner to the UK.
  • Tommy Turner – professional footballer
  • John Deans – professional footballer
  • Eddie Blair – Jazz Trumpet Player

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