John Sheridan (Babylon 5) - Personality


John Sheridan is decisive, strong-willed amd incorruptible. He is also a dynamic, idealistic, and charismatic leader who can inspire fierce loyalty in his subordinates. However, Sheridan is shown at times to be reckless and stubborn, and like his second-in-command Susan Ivanova he possesses a fierce temper that can lead to occasional explosive outbursts of anger. Fortunately, he tends to calm quickly and he usually demonstrates a cheerful and upbeat personality. His second wife, Anna Sheridan, was (apparently) killed while exploring a distant planet, and when he takes command of Babylon 5 at the start of Season 2 her death still troubles him.

After Sheridan's "return from the dead" in the fourth season, he displays an increasing impatience with accomplishing his goals. This is caused, however, by the fact that he knows he has only twenty more years to live. By the end of the series Sheridan has become a galactic president and legend, and overall there is little doubt that he has been a force for good throughout his time in the series.

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