John Gay - Partial List of Works

Partial List of Works

  • Wine - 1708
  • The Present State of Wit - 1711
  • The Rural Sports - 1713
  • The Shepherd's Week - 1714
  • The What D'ye Call It - 1715
  • Trivia, or The Art of Walking the Streets of London - 1716
  • Acis and Galatea - 1718
  • Poems on Several Occasions - 1720
  • Fables (also known as Fifty-one Fables in Verse or Fables of John Gay) - 1727 (Part the Second - 1738)
  • The Beggar's Opera - 1728
  • Polly - 1729
  • Achilles - 1733
  • The Distress'd Wife - 1734
  • Three Hours After Marriage

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