Jarvis can be a surname or, less frequently, a male given name.

For use of Jarvis as a surname or forename see Jarvis (name).

"Jarvis" can also refer to:

In fictional characters:

  • Edwin Jarvis, fictional Marvel Comics butler
    • JARVIS, the AI personality inspired by that character, voiced by Paul Bettany in the Iron Man films
  • "'Jarvis Lorry"', a secondary character in the A Tale of Two Cities novel
  • Jarvis, the 20th ghost that Luigi encounters in Luigi's Mansion
  • Jarvis McBallsy, the main character in the PlayStation 3 video game PAIN
  • Jarvis is the mascot of American Science & Surplus

In places:

  • Jarvis, Ontario, Canada, a small town near Lake Erie in Haldimand County, Ontario
  • Jarvis Island, a territory of the U.S., located in the South Pacific

In other uses:

  • Jarvis, debut solo album by Jarvis Cocker
  • Jarvis Algorithm, also known as the gift wrapping algorithm
  • Jarvis (CTA), a rapid transit station in Chicago, Illinois
  • Jarvis Collegiate Institute, a high school located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Jarvis PLC, United Kingdom public sector contractor
  • USS Jarvis, a series of three ships with the name
  • 3353 Jarvis, an asteroid named after Gregory Jarvis
  • Jarvis (rocket), a launch vehicle named after Gregory Jarvis

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