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Robert De Niro - Personal Life - Italian Citizenship
... De Niro was due to be granted Italian citizenship at the Venice Film Festival in September 2004 ... However, the Sons of Italy lodged a protest with Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, claiming De Niro had damaged the image of Italians and Italian Americans by frequently portraying them in criminal roles ... I love Italy." The citizenship was conferred on De Niro on October 21, 2006, during the finale of the Rome Film Festival ...
Italian Brazilian - Italian Immigration To Brazil - Citizenship
... The Brazilian government used to prohibit multiple citizenships ... After the changes in 1994 over half a million Italian-Brazilians have requested the recognition of their Italian citizenship ... According to the Italian legislation an individual with an Italian parent is automatically recognized as an Italian citizen, the jus sanguinis principle being applied ...
Michael Mamleev - Italian Citizenship
... Mamleev is Italian now ... Right from the start he was clear about his intentions of getting Italian citizenship, in which he was also strongly supported by the Italian Orienteering Federation ... mission was brought to a successful end and Mamleev got the Italian passport just in time to be able to take part at the World Championships in Denmark in August 2006 ...

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    To see self-sufficiency as the hallmark of maturity conveys a view of adult life that is at odds with the human condition, a view that cannot sustain the kinds of long-term commitments and involvements with other people that are necessary for raising and educating a child or for citizenship in a democratic society.
    Carol Gilligan (20th century)

    Master of Trinity: Is he an Italian?
    Harold Abrahams: Of Italian extraction, yes.
    Master of Trinity: I see.
    Harold Abrahams: But not all Italian.
    Master of Trinity: I’m relieved to hear it.
    Harold Abrahams: He’s half-Arab.
    Colin Welland (b. 1934)