• (adj): Under forced isolation especially for health reasons.
    Example: "Isolated patients"
    Synonyms: quarantined
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Some articles on isolated:

Murder Of Sophie Lancaster - Background
... "The thing that makes me most angry is that it is seen as an isolated incident, maybe the seriousness of what happened to Sophie is isolated, but attacks are far from isolated ...
Lawrence E. Glendenin - Clinton Laboratories
... Coryell, isolated the previously undocumented rare earth element 61 ... They isolated it using ion-exchange chromatography ... for the facility where it was isolated ...
Small Parts Isolated And Destroyed
... Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed is the third full-length album by the Canadian punk rock band NoMeansNo ... placed in the compilation album The Day Everything Became Isolated and Destroyed alongside the EP The Day Everything Became Nothing, which had been released the same year ...
Shearing Pinx - Discography - Split Cassettes
... Length Artists Record label C20 Shearing Pinx / KK Rampage Isolated Now Waves C20 Shearing Pinx / Pretty Thigh Isolated Now Waves C20 Shearing Pinx / Ikebana Isolated Now Waves C20 ... Isolated Now Waves C20 Shearing Pinx / Monosodic Isolated Now Waves C30 Shearing Pinx / Bestia Ferida Isolated Now Waves C20 Shearing Pinx / Shivers Isolated Now Waves C26 Shearing Pinx / Midwife Isolated ...
Château De Dourdan - Construction
... with towers at three of the corners and an isolated donjon at the fourth ... The conception of the geometric pattern and isolated donjon was similar to that of the castle of the Louvre ... The principal of the isolated keep was also employed at Flint Castle in Wales, a fortification begun by a Gascon master mason in the late 13th Century ...

More definitions of "isolated":

  • (adj): Cut off or left behind.
    Example: "An isolated pawn"
    Synonyms: marooned, stranded
  • (adj): Remote and separate physically or socially.
    Example: "Tiny isolated villages remote from centers of civilization"
    Synonyms: apart, obscure
  • (adj): Not close together in time.
    Example: "Isolated instances of rebellion"
    Synonyms: scattered, stray
  • (adj): Being or feeling set or kept apart from others.
    Example: "Could not remain the isolated figure he had been"- Sherwood Anderson
    Synonyms: detached, separated, set-apart
  • (adj): Marked by separation of or from usually contiguous elements.
    Example: "Little isolated worlds, as abruptly disjunct and unexpected as a palm-shaded well in the Sahara"- Scientific Monthly
    Synonyms: disjunct

Famous quotes containing the word isolated:

    When needs and means become abstract in quality, abstraction is also a character of the reciprocal relation of individuals to one another. This abstract character, universality, is the character of being recognized and is the moment which makes concrete, i.e. social, the isolated and abstract needs and their ways and means of satisfaction.
    Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770–1831)

    Without the meditative background that is criticism, works become isolated gestures, ahistorical accidents, soon forgotten.
    Milan Kundera (b. 1929)

    An isolated outbreak of virginity ... is a rash on the face of society. It arouses only pity from the married, and embarrassment from the single.
    Charlotte Bingham (b. 1942)