Isa may refer to:

  • Jesus in Islam
  • Isha Upanishad, a Hindu religious text
  • Isa (album), a 2004 album by Enslaved
  • Isa (name), a common Arabic and Turkish male name
  • Isa the iguana, a character in Dora the Explorer
  • Isa, a local dance of the Canary Islands
  • Book of Isaiah's abbreviation
  • Is-a, a relationship where one class D is a subclass of another class B
  • Isaz, the "I" rune in the Futhark

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Major And Minor Signs Of Qiyamah - Major Figures - Isa
... culture Depiction Jesuism Christianity portal Islam portal Isa is the Arabic name for Jesus Of Nazareth, and his return is considered the third major sign of last days, while the second is the ... hands my soul rests! It is definitely close in that time that Isa, Son of Maryam descends amongst you as a just ruler. 240 Hadith reference both the Mahdi and Isa simultaneously and the return of the Mahdi will coincide with the return of Isa ...
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor - Characters - Playable Characters
... Isa Jo (イサ・ジョ?) The son of Saki Amamiya and Airan Jo from Successor of the Earth, Isa had already denounced the creators before, after ... Using a special backpack which enables him to hover, Isa uses manual-fire attacks, able to switch between manual aim and lock-on aim for single targets ... Isa finds her and names her Kachi, having no knowledge of her real name before and during the game ...
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor - Plot
... An agent of Earth-5, Isa Jo, is sent to find and kill the Outer Space infiltrator, only to find that the girl has become infatuated with humans due to ... in the Japanese version), led by Isa's former ally Deko, to kill Kachi and Isa for his betrayal ... Isa, having denounced the creators for their cruelty, goes on the run with Kachi to escape the Nebulox, board an Air Ship, and stop them once and for all ...
Isa, Kagoshima
... Isa (伊佐市, Isa-shi?) is a city in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan ... created from the merger of the old city of Ōkuchi, and the town of Hishikari, from Isa District ... Isa District was dissolved as a result of this merger ...
Tropical Storm Isa
... The name Isa has been used for one tropical cyclone in the northwest Pacific Ocean. 1997's Super Typhoon Isa (T9701, 02W) - damage in the Guam National Weather Service area of responsibility totaled $1 million (1997 USD, $1.3 million 2006 USD) ... The name Isa has also been used for one tropical cyclone in the southwestern Pacific Ocean ...