Audio is an electrical or other representation of sound.

Audio may also refer to:

  • Audio, audible content in media production and publishing
  • AUDIO (group), an American R&B band of 5 brothers formerly known as TNT Boyz and as B5
  • Audio (album), an album by the Blue Man Group
  • Audio (magazine), a magazine published from 1947 to 2000

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Kyra Phillips - Mishap
... The conversation audio was mixed with the President's audio feed and both were discernible ... Daryn Kagan broke into Phillips' comments with an audio recap of Bush's speech ...
Newgrounds - Audio Portal - Competitions
... In the Newgrounds Audio Portal there are also occasional contests in which money and shirts can be won ... Some user-created music from the Audio Portal was used in The Behemoth's console video games Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers ... More recently, The Monthly Audio Contest (MAC) was attempted to be reinstated - however, the originator of this contest (Rucklo) objected and thus the name of the new ...
BBV - Audio
... After a few earlier experiments, BBV began regularly releasing audio dramas on CD in 1998, under the umbrella title Audio Adventures in Time Space ... The first of the Audio Adventures in Time Space not to feature the McCoy/Aldred double act was Cyber-Hunt, the first BBV production to feature the Cyberons ... played by Nicholas Briggs, who some years earlier had played the Doctor in the Audio Visuals series of unlicensed fan audios ...