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List Of Iraqi Security Forces Fatality Reports In Iraq
... This is a comprehensive list of Iraqi security forces members killed in the Iraq War ... The "Iraq Index" of the Brookings Institution also keeps a running total of Iraqi security force casualties ... and 897 deaths in 2011, the total number of security forces members killed can be estimated to be at least 17,543 ...
Tal Afar - Role in The 2003 Invasion of Iraq - Operation Restoring Rights
... Rights was conducted in which approximately 5,000 soldiers from the 3rd Division of the Iraqi Security Force in conjunction with 3,500 troops from the U.S ... Iraqi Security Forces suffered 12 killed and 27 wounded ... rebuilt to win support from local people before being handed over to the Iraqi security forces ...
Iraq Withdrawal Benchmarks - Status According To White House On 2007-07-12
... Establish political, media, economic and service committees to support security plan - Steering committee meets weekly to discuss issues ... Provide three trained and ready Iraqi brigades to support operations in Baghdad - The Iraqi government has provided the equivalent of three brigades, but staffing levels are a concern ... Protect the rights of minority political parties in the Iraqi legislature - Shiite factions are feuding ...
Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq
... Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq (MNSTC-I) was the branch of the Multi-National Force - Iraq that is responsible for developing, organizing, training ... the military of Iraq and the Iraqi Police ... for population protection and develop Iraqi security institutions capable of sustaining security with reduced Coalition involvement ...
Iraqi Armed Forces - History - New Iraqi Army
... The Iraqi military was formally disbanded and the Iraqi Military of Defense was dissolved shortly after the invasion, by Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 2 of May 23, 2003 ... nine battalions, or 9,000 recruits, of a 44,000 person-strong "New Iraqi Army." The Coalition Military Assistance Training Team under Major General Paul Eaton was ... On September 3, 2003, Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 28 established the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps as a temporary security and emergency service agency for Iraq to ...

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