Iraqi Army

The Iraqi Army is the ground force component of the armed forces of the Republic of Iraq, having been active in various incarnations throughout the 20th century and 21st century.

The Iraqi Army in its modern form was first created by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland during their mandate over the country following the end of World War I. Following the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the Iraqi Army was rebuilt along American lines with enormous amounts of U.S. military assistance at every level. Because of the low-level ongoing Iraqi insurgency as of 2006, the Iraqi Army was designed to be an objective counter-insurgency force for a period of time until the insurgency is diminished to a level that the police can handle. Thereafter, the Iraqi Army will undergo a modernisation plan which includes purchasing more heavy equipment. As of the 2010s, the Iraqi Army is tasked with assuming responsibility for all Iraqi land-based military operations

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Mohan Al-Furayji
... General Mohan al-Furayji is a general in the Iraqi Army ... to April 2008, he was the commander of the Basra Operational Command, an Iraqi Army formation in control of all Iraqi Army forces in southern Iraq ...
Battle Of Basra (2008) - Timeline of The Battle - March 27
... They said Iraqi army deserters broke into shops, took food and water, then set fire to shops and cars on the street ... Mahdi Army fighters paraded around the wreckages of two Iraqi Army Dzik armored vehicles and a BMP infantry fighting vehicle which were seen destroyed ... A captured Iraqi Army Humvee along with 20 Iraqi soldiers that were said to have surrendered voluntarily to the militants were also presented ...
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... The heavily fortified Iraqi Army Recruiting Station at Muthenna airport was hit by a car bomb on 11 February 2004, when up to 47 people died ... carrying explosives drove to the front of the recruiting station where numerous Iraqis were waiting in line to enlist in the Iraqi Army ...
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... following the al-Askari Mosque bombing in the Iraqi city of Samarra, on February 22, 2006 ... on December 30, 2006 after being found guilty of crimes against humanity by an Iraqi court ... Haqlaniyah Operation Swamp Fox 200603?? 200603?? Muqdadiyah Counterinsurgency Coalition and Iraqi forces detained 104 suspected insurgents and confiscated a cache of weapons Operation Raging Bull ...

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