IRA most commonly refers to:

  • Irish Republican Army, which has existed in various forms since 1916
    • List of organisations known as the Irish Republican Army
    • Provisional Irish Republican Army
  • Individual retirement account, a private retirement account or annuity in the United States, normally resulting in tax benefits
  • Internal Revenue Allotment, the local government's share of revenues from the national government of the Philippines

Ira or IRA may also refer to:

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Harrods Bombing
... The bomb had been planted by members of the Provisional IRA, although the IRA Army Council later claimed that it had not authorised the attack ... IRA members had sent a warning 37 minutes before the explosion, but the area was not evacuated ... store was the target of a much smaller IRA bomb almost ten years later, in January 1993, which injured four people ...
Raymond Gilmour - Early Life
... He described his father as an "armchair supporter" of the IRA, while his mother was reportedly fiercely opposed to their actions ... Two of Gilmour's brothers were kneecapped by the IRA for alleged anti-social behaviour ... On remand in Crumlin Road Prison, he was severely beaten by IRA prisoners ...
Provisional Irish Republican Army Campaign 1969–1997 - Other Activities - Robberies and Criminal Enterprise
... The Provisional IRA has carried out numerous bank and post office robberies across Ireland throughout its existence ... An RUC estimate from 1982–83, puts the amount stolen in such raids by the Provisional IRA at around £700,000 (sterling) ... Also in the 1980s, the Provisional IRA were involved in the kidnapping and ransom of businessmen Gaelen Weston, Ben Dunne and Don Tidey ...
French Ship Ça Ira
... Five ships of the French Navy have borne the name Ça Ira ("It will be fine") in honour of the revolutionary anthem Ah! ça ira Couronne (1781), an 80-gun ship of the line, was renamed Ça Ira in 1792 A ...