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  • Fortress Lifeform Anomalogaris (要塞生命体アノマロガリス, Yōsai Seimeitai Anomarogarisu?, 1, 2, 31, 32, 49, 50): The Anomalocaris-like Evolien spaceships, they played a big part in the 200 Days of Darkness that turned DinoEarth into a barren desert world. The first Anomalogaris arrived on Earth piloted by Geilton, only to be destroyed by AbarenOh. The Anomalogaris II (アノマロガリス二世, Anomarogarisu Nisei?, 31, 32) piloted by Jeanne arrived with the Barugigenia. It soon self-destructed after Jeanne destroyed the controls during her final fight with Asuka. By the finale, DezumoGevalyus unleashed an armada of Anomalogaris to reenact the 200 Days of Darkness on Another-Earth. But once DezumoGevalyus was defeated, the Anomalogaris were destroyed.
  • Unstoppable Connection Lifeform Ballugigenia (暴走連結生命体バルギゲニア, Bōsō Renketsu Seimeitai Barugigenia?, 31, 32): This Hallucigenia-like assault vehicle is created by Voffa and comes out from Anomalogaris II, the Evolien Mothership. The Ballugigenia could separate its connected parts into several jet aircraft. It couldn't even be stopped by Brachio, leaving AbarenOh with a tough fight. It was soon destroyed by Styracosaurus and DinoCarry.
  • Hexanoid Hanabikinikibeenus (ヘキサノイド・ハナビキニキビーナス, Hekusunoido Hanabikinikibīnasu?, Movie): Hanabi (Fireworks) + Bikini + Nikibi (Pimple)+ Bee + Nasu (Eggplant) + Venus. An assassin created by Mikela and sent to kill Garuvidi and retrieve the BakuLaser, freezing Emiri with her Venustinger (ビーナスティンガー, Bīnasutingā?) beam until the end of the film's ending credits. She used her various bees to shrink Yukito and unintentionally created clones of Ranru. Though her body was immune to outside attack, the small Abare Blue defeated her from the inside out. After her defeat, the Life Berry could not enlarge her since she's made from 6 components instead of the usual 3. Hanabikinikibeenus is voiced by Yumi Takada (高田 由美, Takada Yumi?).
  • Dimensional Wanderer Garuvidi (次元の流れ者ガルヴィディ, Jigen no Nagaremono Garuvidi?, Movie): A rouge who stole the Bakulaser from the Evoliens, posing as Princess Freezia to use the Abaranger to restore the weapon so he could control BakurenOh. After BakurenOh was defeated, Garuvidi was killed by Aba Red with the BakuLaser. Garuvidi is voiced by Toshio Furukawa (古川 登志夫, Furukawa Toshio?).
  • KillerGhost (キラーゴースト, Kirāgosuto?, 30, 31): A monster-clone created by Mikoto using a LifeBerry, modeled after Abare Killer in Abare Mode, with Mikoto speaking through the monster. KillerGhost was so powerful it managed to capture 5 of the Burstosaur, as part of Mikoto's sick game: The Abarangers had to destroy Killer Ghost or their friends were going to be melted down. But the Burstosaur managed to withstand the heat so Mikoto decides to place them all under his control unless the Abarangers defeat KillerGhost. However, Killer Ghost proved to be strong enough to defeat the Abarangers until the StyRiser was activated and Abare Max killed the monster just in time. Lijewel later created her own version of KillerGhost: Lijewloid KillerGhost II (リジュエロイド・キラーゴーストII世, Rijueroido Kirāgosuto Nisei?, 40), having more power than the previous one and serving as a medium for her voice. Abarenoh with a DinoGUTS power-boost was able to defeat him, but he had survived with Abare Black arriving after being freed from the Cursed Armor to destroy the monster.

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