Invasion's Garden Evolien

Invasion's Garden Evolien

The Invasion Garden Evolien (侵略の園エヴォリアン, Shinryaku no Sono Evorian?) are the foes of the Abarangers in the Super Sentai series Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger. They are the Wicked Life Clan (Jameizoku), that came from Dino Earth. They dwelled within a castle-like structure, the Invasion Garden Palace, before Dezumozorlya turned it into its final host to battle the Burstosaur with while evoking another 200 Days of Darkness. The fortress was destroyed when AbarenOh and MaxOhJa seemingly sacrificed themselves (with Ryouga and Yukito inside both respective cockpits), but survived by burrowing underground.

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