Injection or Injected may refer to:

  • Injection (medicine), insertion of liquid into the body with a syringe
  • Injective function in mathematics, a function mapping distinct arguments to distinct values
  • Injection molding, a technique for making parts from plastic material
  • Injection (economics), a financial boost to an economy
  • Injected (band), a rock band from Atlanta, Georgia
  • Injected (album), an album by Phunk Junkeez
  • Fuel injection, a means of metering fuel into an internal combustion engine
  • Orbit injection, changing a stable orbit into a transfer orbit
  • in broadcasting, the level at which a subcarrier is sent by the transmitter, expressed as a percent of total modulation
  • In computing:
    • Dependency injection, a programming design pattern, also referred to as inversion of control
    • SQL injection, a security violation technique using database commands
    • Code injection, a security violation technique using unexpected program modification
    • Email injection, a security violation technique using web email forms

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