Orbital may refer to:

In chemistry and physics:

In astronomy and space flight:

  • Orbit
  • Orbital resonance
  • Orbital period
  • Orbital plane (astronomy)
  • Orbital elements
  • Orbital speed
  • Orbital maneuver
  • Orbital spaceflight

In entertainment:

  • Orbital (band), a UK electronic dance music band
    • Orbital (1991 album) (also known as the "Green Album") by Orbital, released in 1991
    • Orbital 2 (also known as the "Brown Album" or simply "Orbital") by Orbital, released in 1993
  • Orbital (video game), a Game Boy Advance game in the Bit Generations series
  • Orbitals (album), an alternative rock album by Acroma

In other fields:

  • The Orbital, the official student publication of Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Orbital Corporation, an Australian engine technology company
  • Orbital engine
  • Beltway (or orbital road in some regions)
  • Orbital (The Culture), artificial worlds from the "The Culture" science fiction universe
  • Orbital Sciences Corporation, a U.S. satellite launch and defense systems corporation
  • Orbit (anatomy), also known as the orbital bone

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NOTS-EV-1 Pilot
... It was the first air-launched rocket to be used for an orbital launch attempt, however none were recorded as having reached orbit ... Following the first and third orbital launch attempts, a tracking station in New Zealand reported receiving weak signals from the spacecraft, however this was never ... China Lake, and the Pilot-2, an air-launched version, was used for orbital launch attempts ...
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