• (adj): Not active physically or mentally.
    Example: "Illness forced him to live an inactive life"; "dreamy and inactive by nature"
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More definitions of "inactive":

  • (adj): Of e.g. volcanos; permanently inactive.
    Synonyms: extinct
  • (adj): Of e.g. volcanos; temporarily inactive.
    Synonyms: dormant
  • (adj): Not engaged in military action.
    Synonyms: reserve
  • (adj): Not active or exerting influence.
  • (adj): Lacking in energy or will.
    Synonyms: passive
  • (adj): Not progressing or increasing; or progressing slowly.
  • (adj): Lacking activity; lying idle or unused.
    Example: "An inactive mine"; "inactive accounts"; "inactive machinery"
  • (adj): Not participating in a chemical reaction.
    Example: "Desired amounts of inactive chlorine"
  • (adj): Not engaged in full-time work.
    Example: "Inactive reserve" ; "an inactive member of the department"