Impetigo (band) - Original Discography

Original Discography

  • All We Need Is Cheez (1987, live demo)
  • Giallo (1989, demo)
  • Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (1990)
  • Antefatto (1991, split 7" EP with Blood)
  • Buio Omega (1991, 7" EP)
  • Faceless (1991, 7" EP)
  • Horror of the Zombies (1992)
  • Primitives (1999, split 7" EP with Transgressor)
  • Late Night Necrophiliac Fun (1999, split mCD with Ingrowing)
  • Live Total Zombie Gore Holocaust (2008, Live)
  • Defiling The Stage (2010, DVD)

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