• (adv): Near or close by.
    Example: "He passed immediately behind her"
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Additive Meter
... or stacked numerals (such as or 3 4) (read "common time" and "three four time", respectively) immediately following the key signature (or immediately following the clef if the key signature is empty) ... A mid-score time signature, usually immediately following a barline, indicates a change of meter ...
Civil Defence Information Bulletin - The Films
... fallout expected within the hour Black, fallout expected immediately all-clear Immediate steps to protect oneself during the initial heat and blast, with actions ... Civil Defence film Duck and Cover Steps to take immediately after a blast but before fallout arrives Steps to take after fallout clears How to prepare for evacuation Note the grey. 1 The Hazards 2 Protective Measures 4 ... Preparing The House 5 Warnings 6 What To Do Immediately After An Attack 7 Life Under Fallout Conditions Peter Watkins' 1965 documentary The War Game ...
College Of Coaches - Members of The College of Coaches
... Lockman, Tappe and Walker also served as Chicago coaches either immediately before or immediately after the College of Coaches experiment ... ** Grimm was the manager of the Cubs immediately prior to the implementation of the College ...
Caustic Injury
... Chemical burns may need no source of heat, occur immediately on contact, be extremely painful, or not be immediately evident or noticeable diffuse into tissue and damage ...
Lachlan Bronneach Maclean - Biography
... the hall in which parliament was assembled, each was immediately arrested and placed in irons in different parts of the building, not one being permitted to communicate with any of the others ... Some of the chiefs were immediately beheaded, and the rest sent to various prisons, where after a time some were liberated, and the rest put to death ... King James I immediately placed himself at the head of a large army, and came upon Alexander unexpectedly ...

More definitions of "immediately":

  • (adv): Bearing an immediate relation.
    Example: "This immediately concerns your future"

Famous quotes containing the word immediately:

    Unfortunately, we cannot rely solely on employers seeing that it is in their self-interest to change the workplace. Since the benefits of family-friendly policies are long-term, they may not be immediately visible or quantifiable; companies tend to look for success in the bottom line. On a deeper level, we are asking those in power to change the rules by which they themselves succeeded and with which they identify.
    Anne C. Weisberg (20th century)

    The most striking aspect of linguistic competence is what we may call the ‘creativity of language,’ that is, the speaker’s ability to produce new sentences, sentences that are immediately understood by other speakers although they bear no physical resemblance to sentences which are ‘familiar.’
    Noam Chomsky (b. 1928)

    Imagination is an almost divine faculty which, without recourse to any philosophical method, immediately perceives everything: the secret and intimate connections between things, correspondences and analogies.
    Charles Baudelaire (1821–1867)