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Imagined Geographies - Development of Theory
... Said was heavily influenced by Michel Foucault, and those who have developed the theory of imagined geographies have linked these together ... Imagined geographies are thus seen as a tool of power, of a means of controlling and subordinating areas ... have been heavily influenced by the concept of imagined geographies including Derek Gregory, Gearóid Ó Tuathail, and Simon Springer ...
The Agonist - Band History - Once Only Imagined (2004-2008)
... released their first album Once Only Imagined on August 14, 2007 ... Originally intended as a demo, the release of Once Only Imagined prompted The Agonist to add metal drummer Simon McKay to the band ...
Mental Practice Of Action - Neurological Mechanisms
... empirical research that includes chronometric explorations of actual and imagined actions ... paradigm documented striking similarities between the duration times of actual and imagined movements ... Research also demonstrates that there are cases when imagined movement durations are dissimilar when the task is particularly novel such as spring board dives ...
Just Like You Imagined
... "Just Like You Imagined" is an instrumental by Nine Inch Nails from their 1999 album The Fragile ... A live video of "Just Like You Imagined" appears on the DVD version of And All That Could Have Been, with some of Garson's technically challenging piano ... While "Just Like You Imagined" was never released as a single, it was used in trailers for the 2007 film 300, Just Like You Imagined was performed live ...
Battlestar Galactica (disambiguation)
... Battlestar Galactica (re-imagining), the "re-imagined" universe based on the original, containing Battlestar Galactica (TV miniseries), the three-hour miniseries Battlestar. 201X (re-re-imagining), the re-re-imagined universe placed 'between the Glen Larson and Ron Moore universes', containing Battlestar Galactica, an ...

Famous quotes containing the word imagined:

    War was then no longer this noble and unified outburst of souls in love with glory that he had imagined from Napoleon’s proclamations.
    Stendhal [Marie Henri Beyle] (1783–1842)

    Our argument ... will result, not upon logic by itself—though without logic we should never have got to this point—but upon the fortunate contingent fact that people who would take this logically possible view, after they had really imagined themselves in the other man’s position, are extremely rare.
    Richard M. Hare (b. 1919)

    We imagined that the sun shining on their bare heads had stamped a liberal and public character on their most private thoughts.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)