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Roman Catholic Diocese Of Hung Hoa
... The diocese of Hung Hóa (Latin Dioecesis Hung Hoaënsis) is a Roman Catholic diocese of Vietnam ... Until Tuesday, March 1, 2011, the Bishop of Hung Hoa had been Antoine Vu Huy Chuong he had held the post since 2003 ... He will be succeeded as Bishop of Hung Hoa by his Auxiliary Bishop (assistant bishop) Jean Marie Vu Tat, 67 ...
Battle Of Yu Oc - Background
... June 1884, in the wake of their capture of Hung Hoa and Thai Nguyen ... away from the French garrisons in Hung Hoa and Thai Nguyen ... Quang, and the gunboats Bourrasque, Éclair, Mutine and Trombe, operating out of Hung Hoa, mounted a number of dangerous supply runs along the Clear River between ...
Tonkin Campaign - Bac Ninh and Hung Hoa (January–July 1884)
... Liu Yongfu's Black Flag Army, which had retreated to Hung Hoa ... On 11 April 1884 Millot captured Hung Hoa and Dong Yan, flanking the Black Flag Army and its Vietnamese allies out of a formidable defensive position without losing a man ... making for the sanctuary of the province of Thanh Hoa, where the French had not yet installed any garrisons ...
The Black Flag Army in Action - Loss of Hung Hoa, April 1884
... of Bac Ninh, the Black Flags retreated to Hung Hoa ... In April 1884 the French advanced on Hung Hoa with both brigades of the Tonkin Expeditionary Corps. 2nd Brigade pinned the Black Flags frontally from the east and subjected Hung Hoa to a ferocious artillery bombardment from the Trung Xa heights, General Louis Brière de l'Isle's 1st Brigade made a ...
Sino-French War - The Sino–French War, August 1884 To April 1885 - The Endgame - Bang Bo, Ky Lua and The Retreat From Lang Son
... early March, in the wake of the French victories at Hoa Moc and Dong Dang, the military situation in Tonkin had reached a temporary stalemate ... Giovanninelli's 1st Brigade faced Tang Qingsong's Yunnan Army around Hung Hoa and Tuyen Quang, while de Négrier's 2nd Brigade at Lang Son faced Pan Dingxin's Guangxi Army ... He moved the bulk of the reinforcements to Hung Hoa to reinforce the 1st Brigade, intending to attack the Yunnan Army and drive it back beyond Yen Bay ...

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