Hung Ga - The Hung Ga Curriculum of Wong Fei-Hung

The Hung Ga Curriculum of Wong Fei-Hung

The Hung Ga curriculum that Wong Fei-Hung learned from his father comprised Single Hard Fist, Double Hard Fist, Taming the Tiger Fist (伏虎拳), Mother & Son Butterfly Swords (子母雙刀), Angry Tiger Fist, Fifth Brother Eight Trigram Pole (五郎八卦棍), Flying Hook, and Black Tiger Fist (黑虎拳). Wong distilled his father's empty-hand material along with the material he learned from other masters into the "pillars" of Hung Ga, four empty-hand routines that constitute the core of Hung Ga instruction in the Wong Fei-Hung lineage:

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The Hung Ga Curriculum of Wong Fei-Hung - Iron Wire Fist 鐵線拳
... Like Wong Fei Hung's father Wong Kei-Ying, Tit Sin Saam was one of the Ten Tigers of Canton ... As a teenager, Wong Fei Hung learned Iron Wire from Lam Fuk-Sing (Chinese 林福成 pinyin Línfúchéng) a student of Tit Sin Saam ... Wong Fei Hung was known for his Fifth Brother Eight Trigram Pole (五郎八卦棍), which can be found in the curricula of both the Lam Sai Wing and Dang Fong ...

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