Humic Acids

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Humic Acid - Chemical Characteristics of Humic Substances
... A typical humic substance is a mixture of many molecules, some of which are based on a motif of aromatic nuclei with phenolic and carboxylic substituents, linked together the illustration shows a typical ... that contribute most to surface charge and reactivity of humic substances are phenolic and carboxylic groups ... Humic acids behave as mixtures of dibasic acids, with a pK1 value around 4 for protonation of carboxyl groups and around 8 for protonation of phenolate groups ...
Humic Acid - Formation and Description
... Humic substances are formed by the microbial degradation of dead plant matter, such as lignin ... Nevertheless, the average properties of humic substances from different sources are remarkably similar ... Humic substances in soils and sediments can be divided into three main fractions humic acids, fulvic acids, and humin ...

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