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Type Three Secretion System - T3SS-mediated Infection
... complex at the base and make their way inside the needle towards the host cell ... The exact way in which effectors enter the host is mostly unknown ... that the needle itself is capable of puncturing a hole in the host cell membrane this theory has been refuted ...
Trypanosoma Cruzi - Life Cycle
... reproducing through binary fission, the epimastigotes move onto the rectal cell wall ... Trypomastigotes are capable of swimming into the host's cells using flagella, a characteristic swimming tail dominant in the Euglenoid class of protists ... The trypomastigotes enter the human host through the bite wound or by crossing mucous membranes ...
Yersinia Pestis - Pathogenics and Immunity - In Humans and Other Susceptible Hosts
... pestis infection of mammalian hosts is due to several factors including an ability of these bacteria to suppress and avoid normal immune system responses ... other Yersinia species, allowing for adherence and invasion of epithelial cells ... pestis survives and produces F1 and V antigens while it is residing within white blood cells such as monocytes, but not in neutrophils ...
Type Three Secretion System - Methods Employed in T3SS Research - Genetic and Functional Studies
... Examples of possible influences The ability of the bacteria to invade host cells, in the case of intracellular pathogens ... The ability of intracellular bacteria to migrate between host cells ... The ability of the bacteria to kill host cells ...
... Many chlamydiae coexist in an asymptomatic state within specific hosts, and it is widely believed that these hosts provide a natural reservoir for these species ... All known chlamydiae only grow by infecting eukaryotic host cells ... Chlamydiae replicate inside the host cells and are termed intracellular ...

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    If I’d written all the truth I knew for the past ten years, about 600 people—including me—would be rotting in prison cells from Rio to Seattle today. Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism.
    Hunter S. Thompson (b. 1939)

    The Landlord is a gentleman ... who does not earn his wealth. He has a host of agents and clerks that receive for him. He does not even take the trouble to spend his wealth. He has a host of people around him to do the actual spending. He never sees it until he comes to enjoy it. His sole function, his chief pride, is the stately consumption of wealth produced by others.
    David Lloyd George (1863–1945)