Hlenstroth Steam Branch

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List Of Preserved Steam Locomotives In Germany - Locomotives That Can Be Grouped Into The Classification Scheme - Class 99 - 600 Mm
15226 Private Schwichtenberg ?? No 99. 3315-1 1917 Henschel 15307 Mühlenstroth steam branch line Gütersloh, Postdamm Currently RICHARD ROOSEN Yes 99. 3316-9 1916 Borsig 9757 ... Muskau Weißwasser No 99. 3318-5 1918 Borsig 10364 Mühlenstroth steam branch line Gütersloh, Postdamm Currently ADOLF WOLFF Yes 1906 ... Jung 989 Frankfurter Feldbahnmuseum ...

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