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Gero Hütter - HIV Treatment
... Washington and living in Berlin, had both acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and HIV ... Because "almost all strains of HIV" use the CCR5 receptor to enter a host cell, the mutation confers resistance to HIV infection ... After 600 days without antiretroviral drug treatment, the patient's blood, bone marrow and bowel HIV levels were below the limit of detection the virus was thought to be present in ...
Breastfeeder - Breastfeeding Difficulties - HIV Infection
... As breastfeeding can transmit HIV from mother to child, UNAIDS recommends avoidance of all breastfeeding for HIV positive mothers where formula feeding is acceptable ... from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine suggests that women infected with HIV can, in fact, breastfeed without transmitting the virus to their children, due to components in the breast milk ... acids) are associated with a reduced risk of child infection when nursed by HIV-positive mothers ...
HIV/AIDS In Mexico - Transmission Vectors
... by UNAIDS indicate that sex between men accounts for 57 percent of the HIV infections ... Mexico’s National Center for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control (CENSIDA) estimates that HIV prevalence among MSM was 10 to 13.5 percent in 2006 ... Survey conducted in Mexico showed that HIV prevalence rates among male sex workers were 25 percent in Monterrey, 20 percent in Guadalajara and Mexico City, and 12 percent in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl ...
Some Classical Examples of Co-receptors - The CCR Family of Receptors
... which acts as the primary co-receptor for HIV viral infection ... The HIV envelope glycoprotein GP120 binds to CD4 as its primary receptor, CCR5 then forms a complex with CD4 and HIV, allowing viral entry into the ... CCR5 is not the only member of the CCR family that allows for HIV infection ...
Super AIDS - HIV Infection
... Typically, the "wild" type of HIV (the strain of HIV found in individuals not treated with Antiretroviral drugs) is much more effective at attacking the human immune system than the types that evolve in the ... Thus, by changing the selection pressure (from being infection driven to being drug-avoidance driven) retroviral drug treatment causes HIV to evolve to a more ... but it was more effective than "wild" HIV at infecting T-cells ...

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