Hiligaynon may refer to:

  • the Hiligaynon people, a people indigenous to the Philippine island of Panay
  • the Hiligaynon language, the language of the Hiligaynon people

Other articles related to "hiligaynon":

Capiznon Language
... The language is often confused with Hiligaynon due to dialectological comprehension similarities, but it has its certain unique accent and vocabulary that ... Despite its distinct corruption of Hiligaynon lateral approximants, a prevalent feature among rural farmers, ethnic convergence and cosmopolitanism has led to a shift back to the purely Hiligaynon prosodic ...
Hiligaynon (magazine)
... Hiligaynon is the leading Ilonggo weekly magazine published in the Philippines since 1934 ... Hiligaynon is the named after one of the most predominantly spoken language among Western Visayans ...
Language Shift - Examples - Philippines
... of Panay as many native speakers especially in the province of Iloilo are switching to Hiligaynon or mixing the two languages together ... outside the vicinity of IloĆ­lo City, while Hiligaynon was limited to only the eastern coasts and the city proper ... many younger speakers have switched from Kinaray-a to Hiligaynon, especially in the towns of Cabatuan, Santa Barbara, Calinog, Miagao, Passi City, Guimbal, Tigbauan ...