High Energy

High energy may refer to:

  • High energy physics, a branch of physics dealing with subatomic particles and ionizing radiation
  • Hi-NRG, a kind of dance music
  • High Energy (The Supremes album), 1976
    • "High Energy" (The Supremes song), 1976
  • High Energy (Freddie Hubbard album), 1974
  • "High Energy" (Evelyn Thomas song), 1984
  • High Energy, a 1990's professional wrestling tag team consisting of Owen Hart and Koko B. Ware

Famous quotes containing the words high and/or energy:

    Men are in the main alike, but they were made several in order that they might be various. If a low use is to be served, one man will do nearly quite as well as another; if a high one, individual excellence is to be regarded.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Because humans are not alone in exhibiting such behavior—bees stockpile royal jelly, birds feather their nests, mice shred paper—it’s possible that a pregnant woman who scrubs her house from floor to ceiling [just before her baby is born] is responding to a biological imperative . . . . Of course there are those who believe that . . . the burst of energy that propels a pregnant woman to clean her house is a perfectly natural response to their mother’s impending visit.
    Mary Arrigo (20th century)