Hero System

The Hero System (or HERO System) is a generic role-playing game system that developed from the superhero RPG Champions. It is used as the underlying mechanics of other Hero Games role-playing games such as Dark Champions, Fantasy Hero, Star Hero, and Pulp Hero. It is characterized by point-based character creation and the rigor with which it measures character abilities. It uses only six-sided dice.

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Hero System Resources - Product Types
... Publishers and gamers classify HERO System products into a few types of books Rulebook Provides some version of the HERO System rules engine ... Supplement Provides new or optional rules (for the game system as a whole, or a particular setting), but not the core rules engine itself ... Genre Book Covers creating and running games in a particular genre using the HERO System ...
Fantasy Hero - Publications
... The following publications have been released to support Fantasy Hero Broken Kingdoms (2001) – a unique Fantasy Hero setting ... Fantasy Hero (1st edition, 1985) Fantasy Hero (2nd edition, 1990) Fantasy Hero Companion (1990) – included mass combat rules ... Fantasy Hero Companion II (1992) – included detailed naval rules ...
Hero System Resources
... The Hero System (or HERO System) is a generic role-playing game system that developed from the superhero RPG Champions ... products published for use with this role-playing system ...
Hero System - Publishing History
... See also List of Hero System Products Although several games based on the HERO System were published in the 1980s, including Champions, Danger International ... Robot Warriors and the original versions of Fantasy HERO and Star HERO, each of the RPGs was self-contained, much as Chaosium's Basic Role-Playing games are ... The HERO System itself was not released as an independent entity until 1989, as Steve Jackson Games' GURPS (Generic Universal Roleplaying System) became more ...

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