Henry IV

Henry IV may refer to:

  • Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor (1050–1106), King of The Romans and Holy Roman Emperor
  • Henry IV, Duke of Limburg (1195–1247)
  • Henry IV, Duke of Brabant (1251/1252–1272)
  • Henryk IV Probus (c. 1258–1290), Duke of Wrocław
  • Heinrich IV Dusemer von Arfberg (d. 1353), 21st Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights
  • Henry IV of England (1367–1413), King of England and Lord of Ireland
  • Henry IV, Duke of Mecklenburg (1417–1477)
  • Henry IV of Castile (1425–1474), King of Castile, nicknamed the Impotent
  • Henry IV of Neuhaus (1442–1507)
  • Henry IV, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1463–1514), Prince of Wolfenbüttel, nicknamed Henry the Elder or Henry the Evil
  • Henry IV, Duke of Saxony (1473–1541)
  • Henry IV of France (1553–1610), King of France and Navarre
  • Heinrich IV, Prince Reuss of Köstritz (1919-2012), former head of the German Princely House of Reuss
  • Henry IV, Part 1, by William Shakespeare, referring to Henry IV of England
  • Henry IV, Part 2, by William Shakespeare, referring to Henry IV of England
  • Henry IV (Pirandello), by Luigi Pirandello, referring to Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor.
  • Henry IV (film), a 1959 BBC Television drama film based on the Luigi Pirandello play
  • Henry IV (film), a 1984 Italian film based on the Luigi Pirandello play
  • French battleship Henri IV, named after Henri IV of France

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Sheen Priory - Background
... Sheen Priory was built as part of King Henry V's “The King's Great Work” centred on Sheen Palace (renamed Richmond Palace in 1501) ... His throne was usurped by his cousin Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Lancaster, who ruled as Henry IV (1399–1413) ... Henry IV had been involved in the murder of Richard in 1400, and in that of Archbishop Richard le Scrope, and made a vow to expiate his guilt by founding three ...
Henry IV, Count Of Bar
... Henry IV of Bar (between 1315 and 1320–1344) was count of Bar from 1336 to 1344 ... His aunt, Joan of Bar, Countess of Surrey, governed Bar in his name during his minority ...
Treaty Of Brussol
... Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy, and Henry IV of France, inside the Castle of Bruzolo ... Also, Henry IV would have his daughter marry Prince Victor Amadeus I of Piedmont and that the King of France, the Republic of Venice, and the Pope guarantee ... However, this accord was never realized since Henry IV was assassinated by Ravaillac in May 1610 ...
Château De Vayres - History
... for three hundred years, until the time of King Henry IV ... king of Navarre and the grandfather of the future King of France, Henry IV, in 1535 ... Henry IV inherited the house through his mother, Jeanne d'Albret ...
Crown Lands Of France - Chronology of The Formation of The Royal Domain - Reign of Henry IV
... 1589 Henry III of Navarre becomes king Henry IV of France, succeeding his cousin Henry III after his assassination. 1589 the northern portion of the kingdom of Navarre (the Basse-Navarre), of which Henry III of Navarre was king, is united to the kingdom of France in personal union ... With the succession of Henry IV, the royal domain encompassed the entirety of the legal territory of the Kingdom of France ...