The name Heian may mean:

  • Heian period, an era of Japanese history
  • Heian-kyō, the Heian Period capital of Japan that has become the present-day city of Kyoto
  • Heian series, a group of karate kata (forms).
  • Heian Alien, a theme in the twelfth game in the Touhou series: Undefined Fantastic Object

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Buddhist Art In Japan - Heian Period (794 - 1185)
... institutions in Nara moved the capital to Heian-kyō (Kyōto), which remained the imperial capital for the next 1,000 years ... The term Heian period refers to the years between 794 and 1185, when the Kamakura shogunate was established at the end of the Genpei War ... The period is further divided into the early Heian and the late Heian, or Fujiwara era, the pivotal date being 894, the year imperial embassies to China were ...
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... Heian Jogakuin University (平安女学院大学, Heian jogakuin daigaku?) is a private women's college with campuses in Osaka Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture in Japan ...