Heavy Cruisers

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Admiral Hipper Class Cruiser - Design - Development
... to six battleships of the "Deutschland or Lothringen types" and six old light cruisers ... By the early 1920s, the cruisers of the Reichsmarine were old enough to permit replacement the three Königsberg class cruisers and Leipzig were built in the middle of the decade ... The 1930 London Naval Treaty formally divided cruiser types into two categories heavy cruisers, armed with 20.3 cm (8.0 in) guns, and light cruisers, armed with 15.5 cm (6.1 in) guns ...
Battle Of The Eastern Solomons - Battle - Prelude
... The transports were guarded by light cruiser Jintsu, eight destroyers, and four patrol boats, led by Rear Admiral Raizo Tanaka (flag in Jintsu) Also departing from Rabaul to help protect the ... These were the same cruisers that had defeated an Allied naval surface force in the earlier Battle of Savo Island ... and Zuikaku, light carrier Ryūjō, and a screening force of one heavy cruiser and eight destroyers, commanded by Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo in Shōka ...
List Of Warship Classes Of The Royal Australian Navy - Cruisers - Heavy Cruisers
... The RAN ordered two County class cruisers in 1924 which were included with the Royal Navy's order for five the loss of Canberra during the Second World War ...
List Of Allied Warships In The Normandy Landings - Heavy Cruisers
... Five heavy cruisers (main guns of 8 inches) took part, three from the United States and two from Britain, HMS Hawkins had been re-armed with 6 inch ...

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