• (noun): A line of text serving to indicate what the passage below it is about.
    Synonyms: heading, head
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List Of HTTP Header Fields
... HTTP header fields are components of the message header of requests and responses in the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) ... The header fields are transmitted after the request or response line, the first line of a message ... Header fields are colon-separated name-value pairs in clear-text string format, terminated by a carriage return (CR) and line feed (LF) character sequence ...
Combine Demolition Derby
... unneeded parts of the combines before competitions and reinforce the front, or header, of the vehicle ... A vehicle is deemed eliminated once its header section is destroyed or the combine is immobilized ... Competitors attempt to use the header to pop other vehicle's tires, rupture their drive belts, or tear off their header ...
... They differ from ordinary posts by a header field named Control ... There are two historical alternatives to header field Control ... of the subject line is widely used in addition to the Control header the subject line consists of the word "cmsg" followed by control name and arguments ...
Makedepend - Purpose
... C expresses interfaces between compilation units via header files as such, it is often necessary to rebuild a compilation unit when a header it includes is changed ... to generate a list of dependencies (those header files included directly and indirectly) ...

More definitions of "header":

  • (noun): (soccer) the act of hitting the ball with your head.
  • (noun): Brick that is laid sideways at the top of a wall.
    Synonyms: coping, cope
  • (noun): A machine that cuts the heads off grain and moves them into a wagon.
  • (noun): A headlong jump (or fall).
    Example: "He took a header into the shrubbery"
  • (noun): Horizontal beam used as a finishing piece over a door or window.
    Synonyms: lintel
  • (noun): A framing member crossing and supporting the ends of joists, studs, or rafters so as to transfer their weight to parallel joists, studs, or rafters.