Hayden may refer to:

  • Hayden (surname) or its variants below,
  • Hayden (given name)
  • Hayden (musician), a Canadian folk musician
  • Hayden mango or Haden, a mango cultivar
  • Hayden (electronics company), a British guitar amplification manufacturer
  • Hayden Planetarium in New York City

In places:

  • Hayden, Alabama, a U.S. town
  • Hayden, Arizona, a U.S. town
  • Hayden's Ferry, settlement in Tempe, Arizona
  • Hayden Butte or Tempe Butte
  • Hayden, California, former name of Hayden Hill, California
  • Hayden, Colorado, a U.S. town
  • Hayden, Idaho, a U.S. city
  • Hayden Lake, Idaho in the United States
  • Hayden Valley, a large sub-alpine valley in Yellowstone National Park
  • Hayden, Indiana, a U.S. community
  • Hayden Mountain (disambiguation), the name of several places in the U.S.
  • Hayden Geological Survey of 1871, only one of many expeditions led by Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden
  • Hayden, Gloucestershire, a village in the UK

Other articles related to "hayden":

L. C. Hayden
... Hayden is an American mystery novelist whose 2006 novel Why Casey Had to Die was a finalist for the Agatha Award for Best Novel ... Hayden was also a high school English teacher for 26 years, having retired in 2001 ... Hayden and her husband reside in El Paso, Texas ...

Famous quotes containing the word hayden:

    Oh who and oh who will sing Jesus down
    to help with struggling and doing without and being colored
    all through blue Monday?
    Till way next Sunday?
    —Robert Earl Hayden (1913–1980)

    Luna presence,
    foredoomed, already dying,
    it charged the room
    with plangency

    older than human
    —Robert Earl Hayden (1913–1980)

    Then you arrived, meditative, ironic,
    richly human; and your presence was shore where I rested
    released from the hoodoo of that dance, where I spoke
    with my true voice again.
    —Robert Earl Hayden (1913–1980)