Anakin may refer to:

  • Surname
    • Doug Anakin (b. 1930), Canadian bobsleigh athlete
  • Fictional characters
    • Anakin Skywalker, later known as Darth Vader, the main protagonist of the Star Wars prequel trilogy
    • Anakin Solo, grandson of Darth Vader

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Star Wars: Clone War Adventures - Story - Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 4 - The Brink
... While waiting for orders in the Outer Rim Territories, Anakin Skywalker locks on to a weak distress signal ... Leaving without Obi Wan's permission, Anakin arrives at a seemingly abandoned space station ... While investigating inside, Anakin finds that all of the men that were on the station are dead ...
Doug Anakin
... Douglas Thomas Anakin (born November 6, 1930) is a former Canadian bobsleigh competitor ... Anakin was also one of the driving forces behind the Canadian luge program ... for outdoor activities, the school established the "Doug Anakin Scholarship for Outdoor Pursuits" which is presented annually to a student who best demonstrates Doug’s traits ...
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (film) - Story
... With the help of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, the clones steadily advance on the Separatists' forces, gaining the Republic an early victory ... few remaining clone soldiers are in the hands of Obi-Wan and Anakin ... young Padawan named Ahsoka Tano, who insists that she has been sent by Master Yoda to serve under Anakin ...
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (film) - Production - Deleted Scenes
... In an extended scene at the beginning, when Anakin and Ahsoka are trying to destroy the shield generator, they lose the box they were hiding under as ... Portions of the Anakin/Ventress fight scene were also cut ... In this scene, Ventress comes into the room where Anakin, Ahsoka, Rotta and R2-D2 are trying to find a landing platform ...