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List Of Fairy Tail Members - Fairy Tail - Other Members - Other Wizards
... beginning of the series, the Fairy Tail guild is stated to have over 100 members ... of Year X791, seven years after the primary guild members disappear on Tenrou Island, the guild is reduced to 15 members, which consist of Macao Conbolt ... as the master of Fairy Tail during the primary guild members' disappearance ...
List Of Fairy Tail Members - Fairy Tail - Other Members - Makarov Dreyar
... rules it tries to impose on Fairy Tail, Makarov encourages his guild's members to do whatever they think is right ... He becomes despondent whenever his guild causes trouble with the council, and sometimes uses force to stop his guild members whenever they become too rowdy or violent ... However, he considers his guild members to be his children, and is fiercely protective of them ...
List Of Fairy Tail Members - Fairy Tail
... The main protagonists are all members of Fairy Tail (妖精の尻尾フェアリーテイル), Fearī Teiru?), the titular wizard's guild, founded by Mavis Vermillion ... It is considered to be one of the most powerful guilds in the series ... However, its members are infamous for being rambunctious and causing extensive collateral damage during missions ...

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