Guang may refer to:

  • Guang (vessel), an ancient Chinese drinking vessel
  • Guang people, ethnic group of northern Ghana
  • Guang languages, languages spoken by the Guang people
  • Guangzhou, city in Guangdong, China
  • Liangguang, Guangdong and Guangxi in China

Other articles related to "guang":

Liwan District - Transport
... Guangzhou South Railway Cargo Station of Jing-Guang Railway and Xinfeng Terminal are in Liwan's southwest. 107 State Highway and Guang-Fo Highway connecting with Guang-Shen Highway are through to Hong Kong ...
Liangguang - History
... form a pair, as they literally mean "Guang-East" and "Guang-West" ... "Guang" itself means "expanse" or "vast", and has been associated with the region since the creation of Guang Prefecture (Guangzhou) in AD 226 ...
Lü Zuan
... He was the oldest son of the founding emperor Lü Guang (Emperor Yiwu), but was not Lü Guang's rightful heir, as he was not born of Lü Guang's wife Princess Shi ... After Lü Guang died around new year 400, however, he seized the throne from his younger brother Lü Shao in a coup ... Liang's strength continued to be sapped, as it was during the late reign of Lü Guang, by attacks of rivals Northern Liang and Southern Liang ...
Guang Qin
... Guang Qin (廣欽, 1892–1986) was a renowned Buddhist monk, teacher and cultivator ... From the very beginning, Guang Qin was an ascetic practitioner ... Guang Qin died at the age of 95 in 1986 ...