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List Of Fictional Swords - In Movies and Television - Power Rangers
... Power Sword Was the default weapon of the Red Rangers Jason Lee Scott and Rocky DeSantos in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ... for instance, when Jason was battling the evil Green Ranger, and energized the blade before throwing it towards the Green Ranger, knocking the Sword of Darkness out of his hands ... Sword of Darkness Sword that the evil Green Ranger, Tommy, used ...
Kanjani Sentai Eight Ranger - Story
... Sankyoudai and Yamada, along with Eight Ranger, save the day ... Tour 2006 'Funky Tokyo Osaka Nagoya'" While the other members ride on their bikes, Black Ranger becomes upset because he doesn't have his bike ... Green Ranger goes to help fix the broken relationship between Black Ranger and Red Ranger and the two peacefully become friends again ...
List Of Minor Power Rangers Characters - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Tom Oliver (clone)
... and enchanted by the Wizard of Deception to serve as the Evil Green Ranger for Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa ... with Putties, the Wizard cut a lock of his hair, using it to make an evil clone endued with the Green Ranger's powers ... The clone tricked the other Rangers into meeting him in an isolated spot, where the Wizard sent them back to colonial Angel Grove ...

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    I passed a tomb among green shades
    Where seven anemones with down-dropped heads
    Wept tears of dew upon the stone beneath.
    —Unknown. The Thousand and One Nights.

    AWP. Anthology of World Poetry, An. Mark Van Doren, ed. (Rev. and enl. Ed., 1936)