Germanic may refer to

  • The Germanic languages, descended from Proto-Germanic.
  • The Germanic peoples
    • List of Germanic peoples
    • List of confederations of Germanic tribes
  • German people
  • Germanic mythology
  • S/S Germanic (1875), a White Star Line steamship

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History Of English - Old English – From The Mid-5th Century To The Mid-11th Century
... After the Anglo-Saxon invasion, the Germanic language possibly displaced the indigenous Brythonic languages and Latin in most of the areas of Great Britain that later became ... (where Cornish was spoken into the 19th century), although large numbers of compound Celtic-Germanic placenames survive, hinting at early language mixing ... Nevertheless, English remains a Germanic language, and approximately half of the most commonly used words in Modern English have Old English roots ...
Etymology Of Jämtland
... The prefix Jamta is a genitive plural case of Jamts, a Germanic tribe ... The root of Jamt (Old West Norse jamti), and thus Jämtland, derives from the Proto-Germanic word stem emat- meaning persistent, efficient, enduring and hardworking ... between the Swedish words jämt (from emat-) and jämnt (from Germanic *ebna, "even") ...
Braccae - Etymology
... The consonant sequence *b.r.k implies an origin in the Germanic (with regular sound change *g > *k) rather than the Celtic branch of the Indo-European languages Celtic ... The form *b.r.k is well attested in the Germanic languages (Proto-Germanic *brōkiz, see breeches) ... from Celtic-speakers, it seems odd that the Latin word has cc, apparently resembling the Germanic form with *k rather than the Celtic form with *g ...
Nine Herbs Charm
... are mentioned frequently within the charm and are significant numbers in Germanic paganism and later Germanic folklore ... including a mention of the major Germanic god Woden ...
Deutsche Mythologie
... Deutsche Mythologie (Teutonic Mythology) is a seminal treatise on Germanic mythology by Jacob Grimm ... treatment of the subject, tracing the mythology and beliefs of the Ancient Germanic peoples from their earliest attestations to their survivals in modern traditions ... and poetic aspects of the pre-Christian Germanic religions ...