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Battle Of Metz - Battle
... forces had not expected the German forces to be in the area, and had to bring together their units that were spread out ... forces after this encounter ... This attack was repelled by the German forces, as was another attack on the city that followed ...
Soviet Union In World War II - Hitler Breaks The Pact
... of June 22, 1941, Hitler broke the pact by starting Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of Soviet-held territories and the Soviet Union that began the war on the ... Stalin that Germany had concentrated forces on its borders ... "Korsikanets", had sent dozens of reports to Moscow containing evidence of preparation for a German attack ...
Stalin's Ten Blows - The Offensives
... Although the Germans resisted fiercely at first, having had years to prepare defensive rings including pillboxes and minefields around Leningrad ... It involved the clearing of Axis forces from Ukraine ... It also resulted in the isolation of the German-controlled Crimea ...
Kampfgeschwader 55 - War Time Service - Eastern Front
... crew bailed out but were later found by advancing German forces to have been shot in the head ... Disaster struck the German 6th Army at Stalingrad, for on 18 November the Russians counter-attacked and cut off the 6th Army ... The Germans resisted fiercely but on 14 January 1943 Pitomnik airfield was captured by the Soviets and many supplies were then parachuted in ...
Battle Of Tehumardi - German Forces
... Two infantry battalions from the German 67th Potsdam Grenadier Regiment from the 23rd Infantry Division (Germany) had occupied a defensive position on the Nasva river, just West of the city of ...

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    Better extirpate the whole breed, root and branch. And this, unless the German people come to their senses, is what we propose to do.
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