GCD may refer to:

  • Greatest common divisor, concept used in mathematics
    • Binary GCD algorithm, an algorithm which computes the greatest common divisor
    • Greatest common divisor of two polynomials and is the largest polynomial that divides both and evenly
  • Gardner Carton & Douglas, a former US law firm
  • General content descriptor, a file format to describe content to wireless devices
  • Grand Central Dispatch, computing technology from Apple Inc.
  • Grand Comics Database, a database of comic book information
  • Grant County Regional Airport (FAA identifier), an airport near John Day, Oregon, USA
  • Griffith College Dublin, a private college in Dublin, Ireland
  • Communist Party of China ("Gong Chan Dang" in Mandarin Chinese), the ruling party of the People's Republic of China

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Recursive Call - Recursive Programs - Recursive Procedures - Greatest Common Divisor
... /> Pseudocode (recursive) function gcd is input integer x, integer y such that x >= y and y >= 0 1 ... otherwise, return end gcd Recurrence relation for greatest common divisor, where expresses the remainder of Computing the recurrence relation for x = 27 and y = 9 gcd(27, 9) = gcd(9, 27% 9) = gcd(9, 0) = 9 ... Pseudocode (iterative) function gcd is input integer x, integer y such that x >= y and y >= 0 1 ...
Lehmer's GCD Algorithm
... Lehmer's GCD algorithm, named after Derrick Henry Lehmer, is a rather fast GCD algorithm, an improvement on the simpler but slower Euclidean algorithm ...
Grand Central Dispatch - Applications
... GCD is used throughout OS X (beginning with 10.6 Snow Leopard), and Apple has encouraged its adoption by OS X application developers ... announced the first adaptation of a major open source application, the Apache HTTP Server, to use GCD via the Apache GCD MPM (Multi-Processing Module) on May 11, 2010, in order to illustrate ... His announcement observed that the GCD MPM had ⅓–½ the number of lines as other threaded MPMs ...
Square-free Polynomial - Yun's Algorithm
... It proceed by a succession of GCD computations and exact divisions ... polynomial f, and the first step of the algorithm consists in computing the GCD a0 of f and its formal derivative f' ... As is the product of the the sum of the degrees of the is the degree of As the complexity of GCD computations and divisions increase more than linearly with the degree, it follows that the ...
General Content Descriptor
... A General Content Descriptor (GCD) is a file which describes downloads like ringtones and pictures to wireless devices ... GCD's are plain text files ... The name of the file will end with a ".gcd" extension ...